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You don't need to compete on price but instead charge a premium for your products and services within a chosen target market. By focusing on a very specific market niche you are free to develop products and services tailored to it's specific needs. When you focus on a narrow target market you will often encounter much less competition and hold an edge over generalists who claim to also service this market. Target prospects along a logical path toward a group of offerings geared to address the various stages of client development.
This gradual trust building approach allows businesses to charge much more for their products and services while enjoying a much greater relationship with their clients and the process of marketing becomes much easier. The greatest opportunity for real growth in most business comes from selling your existing customers more products and services. When introduced by a friend as the best possible choice, prospects often anticipate paying a premium for your products and services and do so willingly once some measure of social proof has been factored in which is where Travellersapp free Business Referrals listing come into play.

If you’re doing good work, have products that people enjoy, provide a service that exceeds expectation, chances are your business is benefiting from word of mouth referrals.

Do what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you.

There is no better new customer than a referral from a happy customer.

You will be creating a relationship of affinity and interaction that empowers you to include customers in future promotions with minimum costs of advertising.


Travellersapp's provide:

  • an interactive platform motivating customers to share their experience through comments, photos and video
  • a mechanism to build lasting relationships with customers
  • an advertising medium encouraging and rewarding customer feedback and participation that improves your credibility and goodwill
  • a dynamic marketing tool that is affordable, highly effective and becoming increasingly popular
  • instant message delivery with 95% of messages sent to mobile devices being opened and viewed usually within minutes
  • everyday application for business owners, visitors and locals alike
  • interactive business forum to exchange ideas and experiences
  • business community with cross promotion relationships
  • boost local economy, encourage training and improve employment opportunity