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Maleny Visitor Information Centre

Maleny Travellersapp encourages customers and patrons to provide feedback relating to their experiences including:

  • customer service
  • patron appreciation
  • observations
  • criticisms
  • product quality
  • customer expectations
  • value for money

These testimonials and reviews provide management with invaluable referrals that expose rationale to improve products, services, follow-up, delivery, staff morale, ideas, innovation, marketing and profits.

Maleny Travellersapp's is designed to:

  • allow tourists to plan their visit
  • encourage users to share their experiences
  • enable users to provide feedback and referrals
  • entice customers with coupons
  • improve local knowledge
  • keep residents informed of promotions
  • introduce business owners to new technology
  • improve customer relations
  • enhance essence of community

Anytime, anywhere, always on, always available, mobile allows you to connect with customers like never before in a dialogue based on relevance, engagement and consumer opt-in.

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