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Online Shop Wide range of travel needs
87% of consumers use the internet to research products and services in their local area with savvy internet shoppers proven to spend 41% more locally. As an advertising medium 95% of text messages sent to mobile devices are opened and viewed, usually within minutes. 70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour. 90 minutes is average response time to an email. Average response time for a text message is 90 seconds.

Travellersapp's are designed to enhance the essence of community that is so eminent in the region.

Enabling local business, service providers, festival and event organisers to create a relationship of affinity and interaction that empowers them to include customers and patrons in future promotions with minimum costs of advertising.

Pioneer advertising campaigns that encourage interaction with customers that are affordable, highly effective and increasingly popular.

Anytime, anywhere, always on, always available, mobile allows you to connect with customers like never before in a  dialogue based on relevance, engagement & consumer opt-in.

Customers can plan, navigate, participate and share their experiences with family, friends and colleagues creating an incredible wave of publicity that promotes the region, attracting future visitors.

Encouraging customer and patron feedback improves business credibility, creates goodwill within the community whilst building lasting relationships.

See what is on offer presentation below: